BatchWasher Machine

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Application of Batch Washer Machine

Suitable for washing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Products like leafy vegetables can also be washed in the machine as the washing crates have spring loaded lids.

Process of Batch Washer Machine

The product to be washed is filled in the perforated crates. Spring loaded lids ensure that the product remains immersed in water during washing. A blower attached to the washing tank ensures agitation in the water for thorough washing. After the washing cycle the crates can be lifted and removed from the tank.

Batch Washer Machine Features

  • Main washing tank that is rectangular sloped bottom type. Overflow and drain connection with pipeline is provided to the tank
  • Blower with pipeline for creating agitation in water
  • Perforated crates with handles made of SS sheets
  • The lids are spring loaded and made of perforated sheet