PotatoPeeler Machine

Application of Potato Peeler Machine

Potato peeler machine is suitable for continuous peeling of root vegetables.

Process of Potato Peeler Machine

The vegetables are to be fed uniformly in the feed hopper of the machine. The peeling takes place due to contact of the vegetables with the rollers. Potato peeler machine is covered with abrasive material for effective peeling. The vegetables move forward at a controlled pace due to the screw. The peeling time can be varied by changing the speed of rotation of the screw through the control panel. Water is sprayed from the top during the forward movement of the vegetables. After peeling the vegetables are discharged from the other end through the discharge hopper.

Potato Peeler Machine Features

  • Body made of SS square pipes
  • Series of 8 nos. abrasive rollers
  • Screw made completely in SS
  • Drive for the screw is fitted with VFD to control the peeling time
  • Water spray arrangement from the top
  • Suitable drive mechanism with motor and series of timing pulleys connected to the rollers
  • Feed hopper & discharge hopper made in SS
  • Drain hopper, side and top cover etc. made in SS
  • SS Control Panel for operation of the machine
  • Pipeline for taking the waste water out of the machine

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