Screw Conveyor

Application of Screw Conveyor

Suitable for transferring product from one point to another with the help of a screw. Generally used for products in powder form or when the product is very difficult to handle like waste, sticky products etc.

Process of Screw Conveyor

The product is fed in the feed hopper or at the feed end of the conveyor. Due to screw rotation the product moves forward and is discharged at the other end. Conveyors can be straight or inclined depending upon the application.

Screw Conveyor Features

  • SS screw conveyor with screw flights welded on SS shaft
  • Trough in which the screw rotates made with SS sheet/pipe
  • Supports for the shaft after every few meters length
  • SS stand for mounting the conveyor body
  • Drive arrangement consisting of geared motor, bearings etc