Peas Podder Peas Podder Machine India

Application of Pea Podder Machine:

Suitable for separation of pea grains from the pea pods. Capacity of the machine ranges from 1 MT per hour of pea pods to 3 MT per hour of pea pods.

Process of Pea Podder Machine:

The pea pods are fed in the machine. Due to beating action of the blades the grains are removed from the pods. The pea grains fall through the perforated sheet of the drum on to the apron conveyor. The apron conveyor being inclined, the pea grains slide down and some peels and pea pods stick on the belt of the apron conveyor. They are collected on separate chutes on the reverse side of the apron conveyor.

Pea Podder Machine Features:

  • Frame made of SS square pipes
  • Rotor with SS blades mounted on it. Blades are adjustable for angle and height.
  • Drum made of MS rings, SS square pipes and SS perforated sheets
  • Support structure for smooth movement of drum consisting of adjustable rollers, SS frame for mounting rollers at both ends etc.
  • Apron conveyor consisting of SS rollers, SS body, SS mounting frame, PVC food grade belt, support structure for the belt etc.
  • Separate drive arrangements for rotor, drum and apron conveyor. Drive arrangement consists of geared motor, sprockets, chain etc.
  • Feed hopper, discharge hoppers, covers etc. all made with SS sheets