Vacuum Evaporator Machine

Application of Vacuum Evaporator

Suitable for vacuum concentration of tomato pulp/fruit pulp/milk etc.

Process of Vacuum Evaporator

The product to be concentrated is fed in the Vacuum Pan. The pan will be fitted with a slow speed stirrer. The stirrer consists of spring loaded Teflon scrappers ensuring that the scrapers are always in contact with the surface of the pan and hence eliminating chance of product charring. After concentration the product can be discharged from the bottom with the help of a pump.

Vacuum Evaporator Features

  • The main acuum evaporator will be made in 2 halves hemispherical in shape
  • Bottom half provided with steam jacket, with adequate stiffeners
  • Stirrer with spring loaded Teflon scrapers
  • Vapour duct
  • MS condenser (direct water mixing type)
  • Necessary steam fittings & valves
  • Working platform in MS.
  • Vacuum pump
  • Water pump (2 nos.) for connecting the condenser and the cooling tower.
  • Suitable pipe lines, fittings & valves to connect this pump with the vacuum pan..