Peeler Batch Type

Application of Peeler Batch Type

The equipment is suitable for peeling of root vegetables in batches.

Process of Peeler Batch Type

The vegetables are fed in the drum of the machine. The peeling takes place due to contact of the vegetables with the abrasive material applied on the wall of the drum. The vegetables rotate in the drum due to the rotating disc placed at the bottom of the drum. Water is sprayed in the drum during peeling operation. With the help of timer the peeling time can be set. After the set time the peeling stops and the vegetables are discharged from the hopper.

Peeler Batch Type Features

  • Body made of SS square pipes
  • Drum made of SS with abrasive material applied on its inner surface
  • Rotating disc at the bottom of the drum
  • Opening for removal of the product after peeling
  • Water spray arrangement from the top
  • Suitable drive mechanism to rotate the disc
  • Feed hopper & discharge hopper made in SS
  • Top lid, water and waste discharge pipe etc.
  • Control Panel with timer for operation of the machine