Thermodrive Belt Conveyor

Application of Thermodrive Belt Conveyor

To receive the product and lift it from ground level and deliver it to the next machine height desired. Generally used as part of continuous processing plants.

Process of Thermodrive Belt Conveyor

The product is fed into the feed hopper of the elevator. It passes on to Thermodrive belt. The belt moves along the carryway and discharges the product to the next machine at desired height.

Thermodrive Belt Conveyor Features

  • Thermodrive belt conveyor from internationally reputed suppliers
  • Body frame made of SS 304 square pipes and sheets. The sheets are laser cut for precise shape and to provide correct direction of the belt. The square pipes are welded to the sheets providing a tubular structure to the machine for easy cleaning
  • The body is modular in structure the bottom section, top section and central section/s
  • Carryway for modular belt made of UHMWPE supports mounted on precisely cut SS strips. The UHMWPE supports fit directly on to the cut strips. The carryway consists of UHMWPE strips, rollers, shoes etc. to guide the thermodrive belt conveyor machine along the desired path
  • Return side made of UHMWPE strips at adequate places
  • Geared motor, square shaft, sprockets, bearings and suitable drive arrangement